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Prices above are subject to change based on residential property size and level of infestation. Commercial services also available.


Delk Pest Control is a California pest control company with an edge over our competitors. Many companies do not have the expertise, equipment, licenses and training needed to solve the consumer’s most costly pest problems. Fortunately, We do.

Delk Pest Control’s ALL INCLUSIVE service plan is an exclusive premium version of our residential pest control service with all of the extras. Such as control for bed bugs, lawn fertilization, pre and post emergent treatments for weed control, aphid control, snail control, rodent trapping, gophers, moles ,voles and more. With confidence, we can say that Delk Pest Control is the only company that offers this service at this level. GROUND WATCH termite monitoring is also now included in the all inclusive service!

Lawn Fertilization/Weed Control$100-$1,000
Bed Bugs$500-$2,500
Termite Monitoring$125-$300
WDO Reports (Real Estate)$100-$400
Rodent Trapping$250-$400

All services listed in the DELK column above are included in our All Inclusive Service at no extra charge


Years Of Experience in Pest Control

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Serving The Central Valley and Fresno


Delk Pest Control , a California pest control company, started as “Termite Control Company” in 1934 under the direction of Phil Newton. At that time, our focus was in locating and eliminating termites. As the bug business changed, our company had to change as well. Roger Delk took over the business in 1971 and Roger’s son, Steve, recognized that changes needed to be made so the business could stay in-step with customer’s needs and desires. In 1988, the company became “Delk Pest Control” reflecting the changes taking place. General pest control became the main focus in the early nineties.

In 1996, Steve took the company over from his father and has expanded the company into many counties throughout the Central Valley. To this day Delk Pest Control continues to strive to serve our customers with outstanding service and the most efficient and effective pest control methods possible while keeping instep with our environment and heeding all green procedures possible.

With Steve’s son Brad now at the helm, we have kept the same business philosophy as always. We at Delk Pest Control are dedicated to our residential and commercial customers to provide professional service at a reasonable cost and always providing excellent customer service. We feel that as long as insects and rodents invade our homes and businesses we will continually provide a solution.

Pests such as termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, ants and more can potentially destroy food, structures, gardens, fabrics, books and can even possibly harm humans as well. Many will contaminate and spread disease to food in restaurants, schools, grocery stores and stored grains. Delk Pest Control offers complete professional pest control services. No matter what species may be invading your structure, our licensed technicians can identify and control it.


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Delk Pest Control’s GROUND WATCH® monitoring service includes the installation of our termite protection monitors. These devices monitor subterranean termites. We examine and service all monitors 4 times per year. Included with GROUND WATCH® monitoring is a 2-3 year warranty inspection as well as local treatments for drywood termites. GROUND WATCH® is now included with our ALL INCLUSIVE® service. Take a look at a brief video showing the service in our videos area. For GROUND WATCH® service only, please contact our office to schedule an appointment.

The PRO ACTIVE® bed bug service is a thorough inspection of the property for evidence of bed bugs as well as providing recommendations to control the infestation of bed bugs (if any). Based on the inspection, you will receive a recommended treatment plan such as fumigation, heat treatment or steam and chemical treatment. We utilize trained bed bug detection canines to identify the source if we are unable to identify any infestation visually. PRO ACTIVE® service consists of quarterly inspections and / or needed chemical treatments. Please contact our office to schedule a free estimate.

We now offer our VIRA CLEAR® disinfecting service. This service is great for keeping high traffic areas free from germs and micro-organisms in the prevention of spreading diseases and illness. We offer this service for homes, schools, restaurants, offices, warehouses, gyms, vehicles (land and water), and many more. We are one of the few California pest control companies that offer this service. Please contact our office to schedule a free estimate.

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Pest Control
Kim Tutt
Kim Tutt
February 10, 2023.
Brad Delk performed a Wood Destroying Pests and Organisms Inspection Report for a home my client is considering purchasing. Brad's report was completed in a timely and professional manner and the report provided relevant information for my client to consider regarding the purchase. Additionally I have contracted with Delk to perform services on my personal residence. I highly recommend the services provided by Delk Pest Control.
Jah Bootay
Jah Bootay
January 31, 2023.
One of the best service companies I’ve ever used. thanks to technician Matt W and Delk Pest Control, my 3-week war with bed bugs was finally over. After trying every product on the market and having my girlfriend refuse to stay over, I realized it was time to bring in the pros…I had 3 local companies come inspect my place and while it was close competition between Delk and Clark, Delk won the bid due to their more reasonable prices and confidence that they’d rid my house of the beg bugs. Although more expensive than I had originally anticipated, I wish I had called these guys in soon. With their help, I went from weeks of not being able to sleep due to nightmares of bugs crawling on me and getting mentally and physically kicked out of my room to having my room and my life back. My girlfriend slept over last night and woke up with no bites, a true litmus test one week post treatment. A true blessing. Matt. W, the technician, was professional, friendly and helped work with me to accommodate my needs. He responded diligently to all of my questions even before I signed the contract. Him and the other works worked efficiently and thoroughly treated all surfaces. Would recommend to anyone dealing with pests of any kind. Truly the best in the game. Thanks Matt and Delk. Also the lady who answers the phone was super nice and helpful!
chris dondero
chris dondero
January 23, 2023.
jeff sanchez
jeff sanchez
January 11, 2023.
Delk offers a great competitive price and excellent warranty for a tent fumigation. Very happy with there service and honest business. Highly recommended....