History Of Delk Pest Control

The history of Delk Pest Control goes back around 90 years. Originally, It began as “Termite Control Company” in 1934 under the direction of Phil Newton. At that time, the focus was specifially targeted at locating and eliminating termites. As the bug business changed and evolved, our company had to change and evolve as well. Roger Delk took over the business in 1971 and Roger’s son, Steve, recognized that changes needed to be made so the business could stay in-step with customer’s needs and desires. In 1988, the company became “Delk Pest Control” reflecting the changes taking place. General pest control became the main focus in the early nineties.

In 1996, Steve took the company over from his father and has expanded the company into many counties throughout the Central Valley. To this day Delk Pest Control continues to strive to serve our customers with outstanding service and the most efficient and effective pest control methods possible while keeping instep with our environment and heeding all green procedures possible.

With Steve’s son Brad now at the helm, we have kept the same business philosophy as always. We at Delk Pest Control are dedicated to our residential and commercial customers to provide professional service at a reasonable cost and always providing excellent customer service. We feel that as long as insects and rodents invade our homes and businesses we will continually provide a solution. The pictures below are a representation of the history of Delk Pest Control but you will see a brief timeline of how the company has evolved through the years.