Prep Instructions (Bed Bugs)

Bed Bugs are known as one of the hardest pests to control.  Due to the fact that they hide deep into cracks and crevices, science has proven that heat/thermal remediation is the number one tool to control bed bug infestations.  There are some important things you need to know about the treatment, pesticides, and what to expect. Not properly preparing for the service could cause an inefficient service or your technician may decide not to service the property at all. Here is a list below to guide you to a successful service. If you have any questions please call our office. 


  1. Remove ALL bedding. Bag it when transporting to laundry. Remove from bag and Launder.
  2. Remove ALL non-furniture items off of the floor
  3. ALL furniture needs to be pulled a minimum of 1 feet from the wall.
  4. Vacuum ALL carpeted areas and dispose of bag or empty cylinder.
  5. Unplug fish tank and cover with a sheet.


  1. Remove or place items in the refrigerator that could possibly melt during the treatment (Candles, chocolate, lipstick, fruit, vegetables, etc.)
  2. Remove ALL oil paintings, vinyl records, plants and instruments.
  3. Remove any medical breathing apparatus.
  4. Close ALL windows
  5. ALL items needs to be pulled a minimum of 1 feet from the wall.
  6. Pick up ALL items off of the floor and vacuum thoroughly.
  7. Wash ALL clothes that you will be taking with you during the treatment on high heat. Place clothes in a clean plastic bag.
  8. Turn Off the A/C
  9. Provide house key to technician


You AND your pets will need to be gone from your unit/home for up to 4 hrs. If you have any questions please ask the technician.  Professional treatment of your unit and furniture will be performed by a licensed pest control technician.


  1. Open ALL windows to rid your home of any lingering odors. (Steam treatment only)
  2. Residual heat will remain in the unit / home after the treatment process. Turn on fans and A/C to cool down the unit / home. (Heat treatment only)
  3. Refrain from using any electronics until temperatures are below 90 degrees (Heat treatment only)
  4. Immediately launder ALL clothing on high heat that was taken with you during the treatment.


  1. A residual chemical application will be scheduled 10-14 days after the initial treatment
  2. Remove ALL bedding and wash. Do not put back on bed until after the treatment process.
  3. Pull ALL items 1 ft away from wall.
  4. Pick up ALL items off of the floor and vacuum thoroughly


The more preparation done by the customer, the more effective the treatment will be. Little or no preparation will result in poor control results. Delk Pest Control will not be held responsible for any damaged items caused by not properly preparing.