Most rodents are small animals with robust bodies, short limbs, and long tails. They use their sharp incisors to gnaw food, excavate burrows, and defend themselves. Most eat seeds or other plant material, but some have more varied diets. They tend to be social animals and many species live in societies with complex ways of communicating with each other. Mating among rodents can vary from monogamy, to polygymy, to promiscuity. Many have litters of underdeveloped, altirical young, while others are relatively well developed at birth.

Delk Pest Control is one of the few companies in the industry that offers complete rodent control including rodent exclusion.  Rats and mice cause major damage in homes and commercial structures throughout the Valley. They consume and contaminate food, damage structures and transmit diseases to animals and humans. Rodents live and thrive under a wide variety of climates and conditions.

Our goal at Delk Pest Control is to exclude these pests from your home or business. We will install screens, door sweeps, seal roof areas, pipes and all other entry points.  Traps and bait will be used and weekly monitoring will be a part of the service until the infestation is controlled.

Give us a call for free rodent exclusion inspection of your property.