Prep Instructions (General Pests)

Before your service, there are some important things you need to know about the treatment, pesticides, and what to expect. Not properly preparing for the service could cause an inefficient service or your technician may decide not to service the property at all. Here is a list below to guide you to a successful service. If you have any questions please call our office. 


  1. Clean clutter/items from baseboard areas, including under beds and inside the closets.
  2. Mop all floors and baseboards (Ants & Roaches only)
  3. Put ALL baby items in a toy box or crib and cover with blankets and/or plastic (if applicable)
  4. Empty ALL kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers. Clear everything from the counter area. All items should be boxed, bagged, or stacked on a table in another room and covered completely with plastic or a blanket. (Ants & Roaches only)
  5. Remove kick plate from the bottom of the dishwasher and refrigerator. Clean these areas (Ants & Roaches only)
  6. Take out ALL garbage (Ants & Roaches only)
  7. Clean stove and oven (Ants & Roaches only)
  8. Clean inside cabinets and drawers (Ants & Roaches only)
  9. Clean behind refrigerator (Ants & Roaches only)
  10. Fish tanks can remain if the air tank is turned off and properly covered. We are not responsible for fish. (if applicable)
  11. Make sure furniture is clean and there is no food crumbs anywhere (Ants & Roaches only)
  12. Move ALL furniture away from the walls about 12 Inches.
  13. Clean door jams (Ants & Roaches only)
  14. Clean or discard of your pet’s bedding the day of treatment (Fleas & Ticks only)
  15. Sweep patios, sidewalks, and garage. Pay particular attention to the floor/wall joints. (Fleas & Ticks only)
  16. Mow grass and cut down ALL weeds (Fleas & Ticks only)
  17. Vacuum your floors, carpets, baseboards, and furniture thoroughly. Dispose of the bag outside immediately (Fleas & Ticks only)
  18. Close ALL windows


  1. Ask any questions you may have
  2. Be prepared to leave your home for at least four (4) hours
  3. Discuss maintenenace or follow up service, how long you will have to be gone, etc.


  1. Open ALL windows to clear your home of any lingering odors
  2. Wipe all counter tops, stovetops, and microwaves with warm soapy water. Do not use soap and water to clean inside of your cabinets or drawers, use only a dry rag or vacuum. Run your dishwasher through a complete cycle. There is no need to wash dishes if they were properly covered.
  3. In the next 21 to 45 days, you may still see insects. This is absolutely normal. Please be patient.


  1. Vacuum thoroughly and often. A small crumb can be a feast to an ant or a roach.
  2. Empty your garbage containers daily.Do not let them sit overnight
  3. Rinse recyclable items before disposing of them.
  4. Store food in insect-proof containers.
  5. Regularly clean behind your stove and refrigerator.
  6. Do your dishes daily. Do not let them sit overnight.