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Pest Control

Pest Control

Our Pest Services Include


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Maintenance Services

Our maintenance service is designed to keep ants, fleas, roaches, earwigs and other occasional invaders from invading the inside of the structure. Service will be performed automatically on a regular schedule.

Areas treated include the foundation, eaves, around windows, doorways, lawns, and out buildings. De-webbing of all accessible areas is performed each service visit. The inside of the structure will be treated, as needed, by appointment.

Delk Pest Control will report to you any conditions conducive to the breeding and harboring of pests covered by the agreement. Your cooperation and proper preparation is important to ensure the most effective results from Delk Pest Control service.

If you’d (you would) like help identifying an insect or rodent pest, visit our Pest ID Center. We also offer one time services and as needed pest control plans.

As Needed Service Plan

5 services within a 1 year period…Just call to schedule when you need service.

30-60-90 Day Service Plan

A Delk technician can customize a plan to suit the needs of your property to control the problem you are experiencing.

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We specialize in commercial pest control. Our commercial customer base consists of restaurants, schools, day care centers, hospitals, arenas, stadiums, apartments, hotels, rehabilitation centers, AIB warehouses and college campuses.

What can Delk provide for your commercial property…

  • Provide a customized plan to fit your needs and budget.
  • Integrated Pest Management reports each visit that will inform the client what service(s) have been completed and written information about any conducive conditions that could pose a possible problem.
  • Labels/MSDS/SDS and Log Book .
  • Quality control visits.
  • Meet or exceed A.I.B. and USDA standards for food handling accounts.
  • Follow guidelines set forth in AB 2260 on all public school accounts and Healthy Schools Act.
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