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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs


We have put together treatment options for all types of properties including apartments, care homes, college dorms, hospitals, hotels and single family homes.

Our dedication and research has led our team to be recognized as one of the top bed bug treatment companies throughout the United States.

One of the first companies locally to offer K-9 inspections and heat as an option for controlling bed bugs.

Have hosted educational seminars throughout the State to inform the public about the recent outbreak of bed bugs and how to protect themselves and their property.

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A bed bug can live over a year on a single feeding. Due to their high reproduction rates and their ability to hide deep into cracks and crevices, they are known in the industry as one of the hardest pests to control. Only heat, fumigation and extreme freezing can be used to kill the egg stage of the insect.

Do I have bed bugs?

  • A live bed bug can be extremely difficult to find.
  • Be on the lookout for their droppings, and skin that they shed.
  • Have a Delk Pest Control licensed technician identify the problem and recommend treatment options.

Inspection service

  • If signs of bed bugs are not visible, we are able to use our K-9 teams to aid us in pinpointing a possible bed bug problem.
  • We have been using K-9s to help assist us with the bed bug problem since 2009.

110 degrees (60 minutes)
115 degrees (7 minutes)
122 degrees (less than one minute)

Through our research we learned that trying to heat a structure in 6-8 hours simply does not offer effective results.

The reasons why:

  • If you increase heat at a rate of more than 10 degrees per hour the risk of pushing bed bugs to a neighboring unit in a multi dwelling structure is extremely high.
  • Lethal temperatures should be sustained for at least 4-6 hours to ensure effective results.
  • Our heat treatment lasts a total of 24 to 36 hours. Temperatures are monitored throughout the treatment process. Sensor probes are placed in multiple areas and readings are sent to us via cell phone. Alerts are set for rapid response to the job site.
  • Vikane Gas fumigant offers the best results for the control of bed bugs.
  • 50 year track record of successful termite treatments.
  • 5 year track record for bed bugs.
  • 4 day process (start to finish)
  • Please view videos at:

Steam and Chemical Application

  • Steam and chemical can be effective tools. Typically a steam and chemical treatment is performed three times over a 45 day period at 2 week intervals.
  • Box spring and mattress encasements are installed on all beds within the structure on the initial service visit.
  • The key for this service option to work effectively is major cooperation from the occupants and tenants.

Proactive Service – Control the Problem Before it Starts!

  • This option has been extremely successful for large institutions, apartments, care homes, college dorms, hospitals and hotels.
  • This service starts with educating the client about bed bugs and coming up with a service protocol for your property.
  • Annual education seminars to staff are a major part of our proactive service.
  • We utilize K-9s to detect and chemicals to control bed bugs.

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