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Other Pest Services

Our Specialty Services include the control of gophers, squirrels, snails, aphids, lawn moths and other agriculture related pests.  These problem areas can be assessed by a sales person or technician and an estimate will be provided.

Fly / Sanitation Service

Includes the control of flies and sanitation problems.  All Fly / Sanitation bids bill be handled by a qualified tech and will be priced accordingly.

Bee Service

Includes both Honey Bees and Africanized bees.  Honey Bees are a beneficial pest and when possible we will save the hive.  We do not open wall voids, attics voids, etc.  If these areas need to be opened, it is the homeowners responsibility to open them and close them when we are through.  We will kill and remove the hive for you.  Estimates can be provided.

Bird Control Service

Why Control Pest Birds when they seem to such wonderful creatures?  Wonderful until they become serious pests. Pigeons and other pest birds deface buildings with their droppings, causing millions of dollars in damage. They and others contaminate food in warehouses and food plants. Bird nests and droppings can damage equipment, signs, street lights, electrical utilities, and can cause hazardous working conditions. In large flocks, birds can be noisy, dirty and even dangerous. Some carry diseases and parasites that can affect people such as Salmonella, Histoplasmisis and Meningitis. An estimate will be provided after a thorough inspection.


Gophers and Squirrels

Moth Control Service

Mosquito Control Service

Silverfish & Firebrat Service

Snail Service